Super 8 Ball Club is the first ever multiplayer-based pool game where you earn STEEM tokens by beating your opponent and the great part is that you lose nothing when you get beaten by your opponent. This game is developed for Android users, powered by STEEM Blockchain and available for download from Google Play Store.
No Gambling
FREE Money
Fun Unlimited


Main Features

In order to make this project successful and completely unique on STEEM Blockchain, we use:
It is one of the most secured sites to store gaming-related data, and we take the security issue seriously. Storing the data to the server-side also reduces potential fraud. That's why, we are using Playfab to store all the gaming data.
In order to provide a good user-experience, we use Photon technology to help you connect with each other for online game session with the blazing speed. You can play the game and chat at the same time while you're connected to each other via Photon.
100% Secure
Security is our main concern. Unlike other projects that are built on STEEM Blockchain, we do not ask you to login through your STEEM account. All you need is to verify your Playfab account on STEEM Blockchain and you're done.


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Meet the people that are behind this project and regularly working hard to take this project to the next level.
Muhammad Wahaj
Muhammad Wahaj

Administrator & Developer

@princewahaj is the developer of Super 8 Ball Club.

Tom J.
Tom J.

Adviser & Supporter

@donkeypong is the adviser and a great supporter of Super 8 Ball Club.

Syed Umair
Syed Umair

Supervisor & Moderator

@syedumair is the moderator and will handle all the verification work.

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